Different by design

Honored To Serve    
You’re the reason we have been trusted in the Indianapolis marketplace since 1983 and maintain a 90% referral rate.  We love Indianapolis and all its great attributes!  We believe a small town work ethic and values are important.  And, we believe our faith is also deeply rooted in our business in regard to our convictions, values and our beliefs.  

Performance Your Way   
We’re not like most real estate companies.  That’s what every real estate company says, of course, be we mean it.  Real estate is personal.  Each individual is unique.  Creating a customized strategy for your unique needs requires a company that recognizes the nuances.  It requires a company that can make the complex understandable.  We’ll do whatever it takes to achieve results – as long as it’s legal, moral and ethical.

Deep Local Industry Experience & Results
We take great pride in our 50+ years of combined residential real estate experience – negotiating, finding the right home to purchase, knowledge of the process, vast knowledge of the local market and area, technological know-how, responsiveness and marketing that makes you stand out, get noticed and be remembered!

Lifetime Resident And Multi-Million Dollar Producers
Closed Over 1,781 Sides Of Transactions
Owners Of Multiple Investment Properties
Council To Several Condominium Conversions
Served On Several Homeowners Boards
Served On The Finance Committee For The Metropolitan Indianapolis Board         Of Realtors
Expert Council On 1031 Exchanges
Expert Council On Large Acreage Transactions; Lots And Land
Experts On Foreclosures And Short Sales.
New Construction Savvy 
Past Owners Of Successful Property Management Company
Principals of Sister Company – Mueller Investment Group, Inc.

Condominium Specialists Too
Since our beginning, Kincaid has maintained a high market share of condominium sales in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas.  With the vast majority of agents at competing brokerages concentrating on single-family homes, thousands of condominium owners seemed to be getting a distinctly inferior level of service.  That’s when we decided to devote a segment of our business to specifically marketing condominiums.

We Live By Three Simple Rules:
Be Faster.  Be Smarter.  Care More. 
Kincaid has retained its independence, in the face of widespread acquisition by a handful of mega agencies.  Remaining independent means we answer to our clients, instead of a corporation’s bottom-line.  We have the flexibility the mega brokerages lack.  We compete by bringing on and developing only the finest agents.  We offer niche expertise and industry knowledge that a mega brokerage cannot.  As a result, we have been the better alternative for over 30 years.

We Listen
We fully immerse ourselves in your needs to understand it completely, then, identify all options that make sense.  Our success is built on knowing the local market.  And, our success is built on understanding our clients.

Kincaid Gets Personal
In a world overrun with information, we believe it’s our human-centric, customer-focused service, capabilities and support that matter the most, to our uniquely valued and appreciated clients.  Providing a personalized customer experience is what we do.  We understand that one-size-doesn’t fit all.  Our unique customer engagement begins on day one, and it is what sets us apart from our competitors.

IT & Digital Edge
The Internet has made our world smaller.  Digital technology has leveled the playing field for all non-mega brokerages.  Kincaid is always searching for new ways to differentiate and deliver more value to drive our growth.  Our digital edge includes: social media, mobile applications, cloud computing services and local targeted marketing.  We embrace the Internet with a powerful web presence that provides visitor statistics/site traffic reporting, integrated social media tools, lead tracking and engagement, email marketing and responsive IDX/VOW search features.  Our monthly listing syndication reaches over 60 million homebuyers!  

Shirley leads the IT and Digital effort for Kincaid.  As former marketing and technology executive for the inventor of the technology services industry (EDS) she understands what it takes to be on the leading edge of marketing and technology to help you achieve your dreams.  No need for you to be “tech savvy”, we’ll do it for you! 

We’re Always Open & We Love It!  
We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and usually – every time you pick up the phone, so do we, because a real person answers just about every single call, whatever the time, day or night.  We’re also available online and on your mobile and tablet, so it doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing:  we’re here for you.

Integrity & Doing The Right Thing
We do what we think is right, on every transaction, every day.  If you can’t trust someone then you shouldn’t partner with them.  At Kincaid we don’t promise to be perfect, but we do promise to be honest.  Our business is built on trust.   30+ years in the business with a 90% referral rate would seem to be the right approach for a lot of people.

Calculated Flexibility
Large real estate corporations have thousands of agents and are reluctant to adopt the technologies that will benefit you the most.  We are able to respond quicker and react to clients and their requests individually and uniquely.  We inherently embrace change and thrive in a world where the rules change every day.  A key differentiator for us is our independence.  That freedom to be adaptable is key to allowing us to respond quicker, because we don’t have the layers of management and financial obligations to shareholders that stop us from making quick, important decisions on behalf of our clients.  As a result, we are able to pinpoint a challenge and architect a creative solution very quickly.

Multi-faceted Family-Owned
We are owner-operated, committed and accountable!  We value supporting the local economy every chance we get.  By our very nature we have a mindset of concern for other people and feel humble and grateful for all we have in life.  We live with passion and purpose.  We think, say and do in harmony and in consideration of others.  Do more with less.  Keep growing and learning.  We like to win.  It’s our multi-faceted blend of entrepreneurial tradition and sustainable business practices that give us the power to engage with our customers, simplify operations and keep up with the accelerating pace of change.

We actively set out to enjoy the journey of working with our clients en route to increasing their success.  In fact, we’re committed to this as our company’s purpose.  And it’s proved a good one to live by because it’s about more than being pleasant.  It’s about working out what we all want to accomplish from the union of client and agency, then going out and achieving it together.

We’re honored.  We’re humbled.  Most of all . . .  We’re grateful to our large and growing group of passionate customer advocates.  We’re with you every step of the way, whether you need buying or selling advice, an occasional sounding board, or a quick answer to your questions.  We look forward to earning your business time and time again, by delivering an experience that our competitors can’t match.

Customer Loyalty Program
Our Kincaid Customer Loyalty Program is one way that we like to show you our appreciation.  Rewarding our clients is one of our favorite things to do.  Our program is unique as you are.  Please give us a call – let’s chat.

Accredited Home Staging Advice
Why Stage? Competition.  With 9 out of 10 buyers previewing or finding their homes online, 
presentation has never been more important.  Staging your home gives you a competitive edge over your competition.  The Kincaid team offers Accredited Staging advice and will prepare a list of items that you may want to consider completing prior to us listing you home for sale.
Shirley Mueller
Shirley Mueller
8425 Woodfield Crossing Blvd. Suite 100 Indianapolis IN 46240