Kincaid At A Glance

Rich Entrepreneurial Heritage
   We are unencumbered by bureaucracy and politics. We believe in independent thinking that leads to innovative real                      estate solutions.

kincaidataglance128209559(small).jpg  Clients Best Interest First & Always
   We build long-­term relationships that generate value for clients. Our only measure of success is the success of our                      clients. We'd love the opportunity to become your best friendand extended family member! We are nimble enough to                    meet your needs, with essential infrastructure and resources of the largest competitor.

kincaidataglance128209559(small).jpg  Franchise or Dependent
   In the past print advertising drove much of the buying and selling consumers to larger brokerages. With the advent of                  reciprocity and listing syndication, virtually all MLS listings are displayed prominently on every participating broker or third            party website. This has created a profound equalizing factor in marketing and advertising. The web has leveled the                      playing field with shared information.

  Experience & Amazing Results
   Closed over 1,781 successful transactions with millions of dollars in aggregate value. We deliver what others simply                    advertise.

  Proudly Serving Every Lifestyle
   A proven leader, selling single family homes, town homes, condominiums, farms, ranches, acreage and lots. Our                        structure allows us to scale to meet a client's needs, pulling together the right expertise to meet each opportunity.                        Kincaid is honored to serve big and small transactions for a successful close. All size transactions deserve and receive              the same quality of service every step of the way.

kincaidataglance128209559(small).jpg  History: 30+ Years In Business

   Trust the Realtor - our neighbors have trusted for over three decades! Our success is measured in repeat clients, laser-              like focus and resilience. Our satisfied clients honor us by referring the business of their friends and family.

kincaidataglance128209559(small).jpg  Trusted Reputation

   Our track record demonstrates our commitment to results driven solutions and leadership in the real estate marketplace.              Our brand values quality over quantity and it sustains us. Community and morale matter more to us than numbers. And "I            trust you" is the highest compliment we receive from our clients.

kincaidataglance128209559(small).jpg  Leading Independent Brokerage

   We have no conflicts of interest due to corporate initiatives to sell multiple products or services to every client. We "sell"              only our expertise. Did you know that independent brokerages make up 80 of US brokerages? We have more flexibility to            get the deal done and the ability to be very fair to repeat clients. As we challenge the status quo, we value the differences            that make a difference.

kincaidataglance128209559(small).jpg  Forward Together 12/7/365

   Live help and eager to serve you! We are standing by for your phone call, email or text message.

kincaidataglance128209559(small).jpg  Delivering Personalization

   From individuals to families our expertise enables us to provide a highly focused and personalized customer experience              and deliver services tailored to your precise needs.

kincaidataglance128209559(small).jpg  Reach 60 Million Homebuyers

   Get more traffic with our monthly listing syndication. You will gain instant exposure to people interested in local real                      estate. Do we have your attention? Because we most definitely have theirs.

kincaidataglance128209559(small).jpg  We've Distanced Ourselves From The Pack

   Harnessing the latest digital strategies to reach home buyers and sellers and get to know them. We analyze data and                  content so that we can deliver the ideal experience to every home buyer and seller, every time. Our campaigns are                      faster, smarter, and more personalized. 

kincaidataglance128209559(small).jpg  Targeted Marketing At The Local Level

   We understand how people shop for real estate, and we tailor our marketing efforts to reach home buyer and sellers in a              meaningful way.

kincaidataglance128209559(small).jpg  Senior-­Level Talent At Your Service

   Experts lead. Success follows. Kincaid gives more senior-­level brain power and talent and overall better value. Simply: we            spend more time with you. Your call will be received by Bob or Shirley, not the next in line.

kincaidataglance128209559(small).jpg  Social Media Engaged

   We are good social listeners. "Social Listening" is, quite simply, paying attention ­ keeping up with what's happening on our            social networks

kincaidataglance128209559(small).jpg  Local Market Knowledge

   We're obsessed with everything that's worth caring about in Indianapolis real estate. Three Decades of participating in real            estate brings deep knowledge and personal relationships to bear in completing each transaction.

kincaidataglance128209559(small).jpg  A Passion For Negotiation

   While successfully bringing buyer and seller together is important the real value that Kincaid creates comes through                    tenaciously negotiating favorable terms for our clients. We love to make deals happen! Challenging times call for creative            solutions. The Kincaid brand is known for its creativity ­a strength that can only be earned through experience.

kincaidataglance128209559(small).jpg  Constant Contact

   That will guide you every step of the way!

kincaidataglance128209559(small).jpg  Staging To Make Your Listing Pop

   Kincaid provides accredited home staging advice on putting into action a few simple tips to help your home stand out from            the pack in today's improving market. This complete evaluation includes interior and exterior spaces. As necessary we                can recommend handyman professionals for home maintenance and repair, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, and                      general contractor services for deck, fence, drywall and cabinet installation, painting, etc.
Shirley Mueller
Shirley Mueller
8425 Woodfield Crossing Blvd. Suite 100 Indianapolis IN 46240