Staging Your Home

Staged homes sell faster and for more money, period. More than just simple cleaning, de­cluttering and basic repairs, staging brings the art of retail merchandising into
the mix, allowing your home to show its full potential. From rearranging furniture to highlight a hidden fireplace to completely furnishing a vacant space, we will give you
specific suggestions for staging your home and help you decide if you would benefit from a professional stager. 

Here are a few tips for preparing your home for sale.

∙ Clear the clutter. Keep all counters and tabletops clean. Remove notes and pictures from the refrigerator and organize all bookshelves.

∙ Update light bulbs to a higher wattage to fill your home with more light. Add light fixtures or lamps to darker areas.

∙ Camouflage outdated furniture or worn upholstery with slip covers, and replace old towels and bedspreads.

∙ Reposition furniture to allow easy flow and to clearly demonstrate the function of each room.

∙ Use neutral colors and decor to help your home appeal to the largest buyer pool.

∙ Add color accents through pillows, throw rugs and candles.

∙ Use light, airy window treatments and clean blinds and windowsills.

∙ Remove personal items from view in the restroom.

∙ Although personal mementos and photographs add warmth to your home, avoid excess use so the buyers see themselves in the home, not you.

∙ Use accessories to highlight desirable features such as built­in shelving or fireplaces.

∙ Keep your outdoor space up­to­date for the season. Plant flowers and update patio furniture to create an oasis.
Shirley Mueller
Shirley Mueller
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